The site has been discontinued in favour of Google Sites since AIMS moved to Google Apps for Education on 12 August 2011.

While the existing individual sites are still available until 12 August 2013, PHP and PYTHON are no longer enabled.

Users are strongly encouraged to migrate to a Google Site with their AIMS Google Apps login. Browse to, and click Create, using the site URL equal to their username at AIMS, i.e. at the URL Under Manage Site, set the category to "personal". While this is not technically enforced, all sites not following this naming convention and marked as personal must be applied for at; or it might be deleted. Such other names (non-usernames in the URL) are available for official academic programmes, research groups, and workshops, for example WORKSHOPNAME-2013.

You can find the old websites at Type the same path as before after the domain.

Our new sites are at